This will be competed & judged by VDO submission.

Participants will be drawn into a bracket and judges will score the VDOs to determine next round. Results and brackets will be live on the system once results are entered by the judges.

Finals shall be judged LIVE. Finalists will be informed of their scheduled competition time slot and must enter the virtual arena via link given. The Arena will be attended by the judges and the 2 opposing teams who shall take turns to perform their 3-minute max. Aero FIT routine live. Judges will then score the performances.

Judging Criteria
  • Creative choreography
  • Fitness Components
  • Balance/Power
  • Creative Costume
  • Coordination & Synchronicity
Aero FIT Divisions
  • Youths: -10 / -12 / -14 / - 18
  • Seniors: 18-40 / 18-40
  • Masters: 40+ / 40+

VDO Submission Rules

  • Max. 3 mins choreographed sequence to music
  • Teams must consist of 2 in any gender combination
  • Routine choreography must demonstrate fitness components
  • Video should be recorded with a microphone (you can use an integrated microphone on your device)
  • Video should be recorded in a good light with subject lit from the front, please avoid back lighting.
  • A tripod/Steadicam could be used for videotaping (optionally).

VDO Submission Technical Requirements

  • Video format (AVI, MPEG-4, MOV)
  • Video codec (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)
  • Video resolution (from 1280x720 to 1920x1080)
  • Frame rate: 30 or 60 fps
  • Screen ratio: (16:9)
  • Video orientation: Landscape (Horizontal)Size (up to 200 MB)